Create Messy Memories with Wild and Kind!

We use the term ‘workshop’ loosely, we prefer ‘casual craft hang outs’.

All workshops are low skill and fun with the ultimate aim of getting people together.

It can be hard to find places that you can meet and socialise that don’t require you to spend money to get be there and get involved.

We are changing that.

We are aware of the loneliness and isolation that people of all ages face, even more so now in this digital age we live in.

These evenings are specifically for those who identify as women or are outwith the gender binary. This is to ensure the workshops are a safe space for everyone involved.

We find that a large number of attendees have social anxiety or other barriers which lead to social isolation.

We are sensitive to everyone’s needs and recommend getting in touch with us in advance if you have any worries about coming along to any of our events.

Our workshops are currently held every second Thursday in our East End studio.

We aim this year to have a workshops EVERY weekday evening so keep an eye out as we will keep posting updates the closer we get to achieving this goal.

We can’t wait to meet you.

Wild & Kind CIC x