What's happening at Wild & Kind?

A Natter with The Wedding Enthusiast

If there has been one good thing about this damn pandemic, it’s been the awesome people that we get to work with on a daily basis. While our studios are a little quieter than usual it’s nice to be able to spend time with our customers, albeit remotely. We had a chat with Ellie from The Wedding Enthusiast all about her range that she’s printed and embroidered with us. She’s a gem, we thoroughly recommend giving her a wee follow on the old Instagram.

Tell us a bit about your t-shirt range, what inspired them and what was the thing that made you start making them?

In a nutshell: buttery soft, eco-friendly tees and sweatshirts that encourage you to wear your heart on your chest. Printed and embroidered by a wicked women-led studio in Glasgow (that’s us!).
In less of a nutshell and more of a coconut shell. I started making them because I realised, upon setting up a wedding business in my last year of uni, that enthusiasm was often thought of as weird and alien. As opposed to what it really is: bloody excellent, and one of the best things about being alive. Soon after founding the wedding business, I dreamt up the idea of putting enthusiasm on a slogan T-shirt. So, practising my penmanship in a chunky Sharpie and sending it to a long-suffering but lovely friend to turn it into a vector (“I don’t know what that means, I just know I need it. Please help.”), my first design was born, and it snowballed from there.

What’s your favourite piece that you’ve created so far?

Like a true mother, I go through phases of them all being my favourites. The Caring is Cool t-shirt has a special place in my heart because it does what it says on the tin. Caring really is cool – it’s what connects us, what keeps us going, and what gets us up in the morning. The lovely designer I worked with chose the perfect punchy lettering to bring it to live too.

Do you have plans for more designs?

Hell yeah! You’re actually the only people who’ve seen my newest design, but there’s much more where that came from hopefully. The goal is limited drops with unlimited loveliness!

Who or what is your biggest inspiration?

How long have you got?! Anyone who follows their dreams, no matter how niche. Anyone who does something out of the norm, or who does something that’s entirely normal but because they love it. All the clichés: my family, my friends, sunsets, radio hosts and podcast hosts and small business founders online who I feel are my friends but don’t even know my name. Anyone capable of writing a fiction novel. New York City. A very specific illustration by Katie Wilson that I got about 10 years ago and look at and smile every day.

If you could choose one song to listen to all day every day in the studio, what would it be?

Again – how long have you got?! Something like Your Love Is My Drug by Ke$ha, Hold on by Wilson Philips, anything from One Direction’s back catalogue, Lizzo, Miley Cyrus, ABBA, or Hounds of Love by the Futureheads. Scratch that, the Arctic Monkeys cover of Love Machine in the Radio 1 Live Lounge.

Embroidery a-go go!

This month we're all about embroidery!

You might have spotted on Instagram that we've recently upped our embroidery game! We've invested in a dynamite machine that quadrupled our embroidery output and it hasn't stopped since. We've worked on lots of different brilliant new garments for our clients from iconic music venues to restaurants and small businesses.

Embroidered Sweatshirts

We made these sweatshirts for Sprigg, a smashing salad bar in Glasgow City Centre. Our sweatshirts are made from organic cotton and ethically manufactured by Continental Clothing.

Embroidered Aprons

We’ve even got you when it comes to aprons. The babes at Rude Cookies make delicious and GORGEOUS cookies with a little bit of cheekiness thrown in. 

Embroidered T-Shirts

These cute tees we embroidered for Koukou Kreations are 100% organic cotton pink beauties!

A Natter with Monika the Label

We're really excited to bring you the next instalment of "A Natter with...". This week we're chatting with Monika founder of Monika the Label, a sustainable vintage-inspired slow fashion brand based in East London. Monika started out working in buying in Berlin and when she saw first hand how fast fashion brands were destroying the planet she decided she needed to make a change. We print Monika's cute tees and totes!

Tell us a bit about Monika the Label, how did it start, what is your big dream!?

Starting a brand has always been something I wanted to do but thought it would be much further down the line. Previous to Monika The Label, I worked in fashion buying out in Berlin and saw first hand the negative impact the industry has on the planet. I didn't want to be a part of the problem any longer. Looking around I noticed a lack of seventies, Cali inspired fashion on this side of the Atlantic. I often resorted to buying internationally which usually came with nasty customs charges. Monika The Label turned into a love affair between Cali cool and London grunge and all made sustainably and locally here in the UK. I never anticipated a global pandemic to occur only a few months before my launch in the summer of 2020!  I like to say if I can launch a fashion line in the midst of something like that, I can do anything right?? It's been an interesting experience, to say the least. 

Camille Dress - Monika The Label

What’s your favourite piece that you’ve created so far?

There are two which I can't choose between. I love the Camille Maxi Dress as it was inspired by a vintage scarf I found at a Berlin flea market - imagine if I had never gone to the market that Sunday morning? But, I also love our Danielle Dress. It's such a 'frontwoman of a band' piece with the mix of leopard print and bright red florals. She has proven to be a customer favourite as she's a bestseller!

Who or what is your biggest inspiration?

The pieces in my latest Sunset Honey Pie collection are predominantly named after powerful, female music icons that have inspired me over the years. From the Haim sisters, Stevie Nicks, to Patti Smith and Florence Welch. What was once a male-dominated corner of music, these women are really proving the world or rock belong to them. As well as their incredible musical talents, they have also provided me with an insane amount of fashion inspo. My style is an amalgamation of all of them. And in turn, my latest collection is an extension of my own personal style so it was fun to basically design and see my dream wardrobe come to life.

If you could choose one song to listen to all day every day in the studio what would it be?

I'm obsessed with Best I Ever Had by Laurel. She has a really cool, dreamy/hypnotic sound that keeps me going through work. Her latest EP, Petrol Bloom is just great. If I ever was a musician (sadly very much lacking in that department of talent) I'd like to create something similar to her music. 

Decembers Subscription Box Artists

There is still time left to get the very first Wild & Kind subscription box. Here are the lovely contributors to this month’s Wild & Kind themed box. In the meantime here is some information about the artists who have contributed their designs this month. 

Katy Mccrossan

Katy is a Glasgow-based independent textile designer, knitter & maker, a multi-disciplinary creative with a love for graphic patterns and bold colour. Katy’s work focuses on the exploration of colour theory within textiles, taking inspiration from the Modernist movement, experimenting with form, abstracting shapes and using colour theory as a subject matter to create contrasting and vibrant, bold and playful prints. Environmental impact is carefully considered in Katy’s design process, with eco-friendly printing processes & recycled/biodegradable paper and packaging used where possible. 

Katy has designed the print for us this month find more examples of her work and what to expect in the box on her instagram @ktmccrossan or her website

KTmccrossan artwork
Other Hues Logo

Gillian Brown

Gillian Brown is a self taught painter and illustrator from Glasgow. With a background in textile design, she enjoys playful and expressive use of colour and line art. Gillian creates portraits in acrylic and watercolour paint, as well as comic strips about her own struggles with mental health and her coping mechanisms. She is inspired by science fiction, the animal kingdom and her inner child.

Gill has designed the T-shirt for us this month. You can view more of her work at or on Instagram at @otherhues.

Erin Bennett

Erin is the designer and founder of fashion brand Fictional Character. Her work is focussed on creating clothes with interesting fabrics, textures and illustrated prints to craft unique stand out statements. Taking inspiration from girl power through the ages, with a dose of geek chic. Using  metallics, furs, and pastels, often pairing them all for a unique statement which is unrivalled by the mundane high-street offering.    

Erin has designed the embroidered badge for this months box . Take a look at some of her designs on instagram

Fictional Character shop window image
Emily Wylde Logo

Emily Wylde 

Emily is a multi talented graphic designer, illustrator and photographer based in Glasgow Scotland. 

Her work is fun, colourful and instantly recognisable. 

She has designed the embroidered patch for the first box as well as our lovely tissue paper packaging. 

Find more of her work at  and on insta @Emilywylde 

Nico Mclaughlin

Nico is an illustrator based in Glasgow. With a cute and quirky style, she creates pieces based on her main obsessions – CATS! CATS! CATS!

Working with playful visuals, bold lines and strict palettes. The main focus of Nico’s pieces is to make people smile.

She also freelances with Wild and Kind as a freelance Riso Printer. 

Find more cat based awesomeness at or on instagram @NicoPaws_

Nico paws cat logo
leopard print sweatshirt

Trudi Donahue

As well as being a founding director of Wild & Kind, Trudi is a maker, illustrator and embroiderer.

She runs small Glasgow brand ‘halfstitch’, but more recently she has dedicated her time and focus to building Wild & Kind into the organisation that it is now. 


If you want to get your hands on the pieces designed by these artists click the button to get yourself a box full of goodies.

A Natter with Dear Green Claes

We thought it would be nice to have a wee catch up with some of the wonderful folks that we get to work with here at Wild and Kind. Especially in these lockdown days, it's nice to see a cheery wee face, and there is none cheerier than Georgia from Dear Green Claes. She launched her business in 2018 and we've been printing her finest vegan goods since then too. We love working with Georgia, read on to find out why!

Tell us a bit about Dear Green Claes, how did it start, what is your big dream!?

Dear Green Claes started over two years ago; I made a pact with myself that since I have the privilege to do so, I would strive to be able to support myself by working on something that I felt really passionate about as I had spent over a decade working for other people in many, many jobs. I had never felt fulfilled or a sense of real pride the way I thought I could find in self-employment. It has been a graft so far, but I have truly enjoyed every single bit of it. It feels so empowering to teach yourself about business, design and people. To anyone thinking about trying to start their own business, my one piece of advice above all others would be to take the chance on yourself. You will surprise yourself over and over again! My big dream for DGC is to have the capacity and financial freedom to be able to set up a Glasgow sustainability centre - a space to hold events, workshops and TED talk type sessions where people can come together to network, learn and share skills relating to veganism, sustainability and ethical living so that as many people as possible grasp their opportunity to save our planet. 

What’s your favourite piece that you’ve created so far?

My favourite piece I have created so far is the Milk's For Wee Cows design. It makes me so happy because it was the very first one and I remember the exact feeling of when I came up with i
t. I was driving and CRYING because of how miserable my government office job was making me feel. I was racking my brain trying to think of something I could do that would change my life and mean I didn't need to do jobs like that forever. Then like a bolt of lightning that came out of nowhere, this phrase popped into my head: Milk's For We
e Cows. I was like, "Wait a minute - that's something." Within a few hours, I'd scribbled down about ten more slogans and a list of ways I could use them. It's probably the closest I ever came to writing a business plan.

Who or what is your biggest inspiration?

Nothing makes me more excited or inspired than other people around me working on their own stuff. There have been so many brilliant creative ideas and businesses that have come out of this new pandemic lifestyle we have and it's so wonderful to see people tap into something creative they maybe never even knew was inside of them. I am quite bad for being an almost aggressive hype queen when people reveal to me they are working on something or thinking of starting something. A girl recently told me she was thinking of selling homemade clay jewellery on Etsy and I was all veins popping and eyes bulging like DO IT DO IT NOW YOU MUST DO IT. I feel lucky to have seen the other side of the working world where you're the boss and I want literally everyone to get a chance to do it too.

If you could choose one song to listen to all day every day in the studio what would it be?

Let's Go Crazy by Prince, perfect for first coffee on a Monday or first pint on a Friday. Geezit.

Subscription Boxes Incoming!

Subscription Boxes Incoming!

We are launching a new subscription box just in time for Christmas. 

Subscribe to give yourself a nice little surprise every month, where you will receive a curated box full of ethically made Art and Merch. You can also choose to give a subscription to someone as a gift, bringing them a little bit of joy and happiness every month.

Whether you want to discover some pretty things for your home and wardrobe or looking for a way to support artists at a time when the government has decided that their contribution is invalid, this is a great way to do it. (Fuck the Tories) 

You will discover 6 new artists in every box, each designing one piece. Every artist is paid an equal share of 50% of the profits.

The first box, launching just in time for the holidays, is designed by members of Wild & Kind Studios’, which is our low cost creative space based in Bridgeton, Glasgow. We came up with the idea of running a subscription box as a way to support creatives directly, so we have opened applications for contributing to future boxes where will prioritise offering opportunities to artists from marginalised communities.

Wild & Kind boxes will be available as a monthly subscription or can be purchased in blocks of 3, 6 or 12 months. The more boxes you buy in a block the more money you save.  

This would be a fantastic gift for an art lover this Christmas to spread the joy a bit further than just the one day.


What’s in the box? 


You can choose from 3 different box sizes, which vary between 4 and 6 products. All products are made in-house at Wild & Kind. Each box will have a theme that all artists involved will have created their pieces around. The very first theme is aptly ‘Wild & Kind’. The first months boxes will include.

  • Risograph Print // A Risograph print, which will vary in size each month. This is one of the most environmentally friendly ways to print, and has a unique and distinctive aesthetic loved by many.
  • Zine // An A3 folded zine, which will also be printed using our inhouse Risograph printer. 
  • Embroidered Patch // Sew on embroidered patch made using organic, recycled or second hand fabric whenever possible.
  • Embroidered Badge // A 38mm round embroidered badge, made entirely of recyclable and compostable materials.
  • T-shirt // A neutral fit crew neck tee which will either be printed or embroidered. Made of 100% Organic cotton dyed with eco friendly, water based inks.
  • Sweatshirt // Neutral fit crew neck sweatshirt which will either be printed or embroidered. Made of 85% Organic ring-spun combed cotton, 15%recycled polyester 


Small Box

  • Risograph print 
  • Embroidered badge
  • Zine 
  • Embroidered patch

Medium Box

  • Risograph print 
  • Embroidered badge
  • Zine 
  • Embroidered patch
  • T-shirt

Large Box 

  • Risograph print 
  • Embroidered badge
  • Zine 
  • Embroidered patch
  • T-shirt 
  • Sweatshirt

We do our best to make everything as ethical and eco friendly as possible.

Art prints and zines will be printed using a Risograph printer.  This is one of the most eco-friendly kinds of printing. A Risograph printer makes a stencil using a sheet of material made from banana leaf fibres and prints with soy based ink.

Garment prints are done using direct to garment printing which is one of the most environmentally friendly ways to print onto textiles. Unlike a lot of traditional garment printing processes, our DTG printer only uses the exact amount of ink needed per print and produces zero water waste. We also only ever use ethically sourced t-shirts and sweatshirts made from 100% organic or recycled materials.

Embroidery is done in house using Madeira thread, made in the European ‘green’ city of Freiburg, Germany. This is our brand of choice because of the extremely high quality of their thread, as well as their focus on sustainability.

Size inclusivity is important to us, however it is difficult to find suppliers of ethical, size inclusive garments that aren’t just white t-shirts. It’s something we’ve been addressing for a while, and we want to support all of our customers equally. If your perfect fit isn’t listed then please get in touch and we will do everything in our powers to make something for you. 

Most colours of T-shirts and Sweatshirts will be available in sizes XS to 2XL. There are a small number colours across both products that range from size XXS to 5XL. 

Everything will be sent in eco friendly recyclable packaging with free UK postage. 

Follow updates about the box on out instagram stories here.

 We will always throw some extra surprise goodies in as well.

If you would like to contribute to future boxes please email
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