There is still time left to get the very first Wild & Kind subscription box. Here are the lovely contributors to this month’s Wild & Kind themed box. In the meantime here is some information about the artists who have contributed their designs this month. 

Katy Mccrossan

Katy is a Glasgow-based independent textile designer, knitter & maker, a multi-disciplinary creative with a love for graphic patterns and bold colour. Katy’s work focuses on the exploration of colour theory within textiles, taking inspiration from the Modernist movement, experimenting with form, abstracting shapes and using colour theory as a subject matter to create contrasting and vibrant, bold and playful prints. Environmental impact is carefully considered in Katy’s design process, with eco-friendly printing processes & recycled/biodegradable paper and packaging used where possible. 

Katy has designed the print for us this month find more examples of her work and what to expect in the box on her instagram @ktmccrossan or her website

KTmccrossan artwork
Other Hues Logo

Gillian Brown

Gillian Brown is a self taught painter and illustrator from Glasgow. With a background in textile design, she enjoys playful and expressive use of colour and line art. Gillian creates portraits in acrylic and watercolour paint, as well as comic strips about her own struggles with mental health and her coping mechanisms. She is inspired by science fiction, the animal kingdom and her inner child.

Gill has designed the T-shirt for us this month. You can view more of her work at or on Instagram at @otherhues.

Erin Bennett

Erin is the designer and founder of fashion brand Fictional Character. Her work is focussed on creating clothes with interesting fabrics, textures and illustrated prints to craft unique stand out statements. Taking inspiration from girl power through the ages, with a dose of geek chic. Using  metallics, furs, and pastels, often pairing them all for a unique statement which is unrivalled by the mundane high-street offering.    

Erin has designed the embroidered badge for this months box . Take a look at some of her designs on instagram

Fictional Character shop window image
Emily Wylde Logo

Emily Wylde 

Emily is a multi talented graphic designer, illustrator and photographer based in Glasgow Scotland. 

Her work is fun, colourful and instantly recognisable. 

She has designed the embroidered patch for the first box as well as our lovely tissue paper packaging. 

Find more of her work at  and on insta @Emilywylde 

Nico Mclaughlin

Nico is an illustrator based in Glasgow. With a cute and quirky style, she creates pieces based on her main obsessions – CATS! CATS! CATS!

Working with playful visuals, bold lines and strict palettes. The main focus of Nico’s pieces is to make people smile.

She also freelances with Wild and Kind as a freelance Riso Printer. 

Find more cat based awesomeness at or on instagram @NicoPaws_

Nico paws cat logo
leopard print sweatshirt

Trudi Donahue

As well as being a founding director of Wild & Kind, Trudi is a maker, illustrator and embroiderer.

She runs small Glasgow brand ‘halfstitch’, but more recently she has dedicated her time and focus to building Wild & Kind into the organisation that it is now. 


If you want to get your hands on the pieces designed by these artists click the button to get yourself a box full of goodies.

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