Wild & Kind began back in 2016. It started off as a couple of friends running a free craft workshop to make some new friends. It was immediately obvious to us that there was an absolute lack of free, safe spaces for womxn and people from marginalised gender groups and so the beginnings of what would eventually become Wild & Kind was born.

For the purpose of listing our missions and aims we will use the term womxn⊕ when we talk about our beneficiaries. Our use of the terms womxn is inclusive of trans and intersex women, and we use the ⊕ at the end because although we are a female focused organisation, we recognise that people from any marginalise gender group may also experience similar discrimination and face similar barriers that womxn may face.

We have several social aims, and 100% of the profits we raise as an organisation will go towards supporting these aims and providing these services for free:

Mission A

  • Improve the mental health and wellbeing of local womxn⊕
  • Provide opportunities for womxn⊕ to meet and make friends
  • Empower womxn⊕ who are experiencing low confidence and self esteem

We hope to do this by do this by :

  • Tailoring craft events sensitive to the needs of those who struggle to meet new people
  • Creating safe, sober and free spaces for womxn⊕ to meet other likeminded individuals
  • Facilitate events for others that have similar goals
  • Facilitate craft and mindfulness retreats for womxn⊕

Mission B

  • To help and support womxn⊕ who are struggling to start a career or begin self employment within the creative sector;
  • Improve womxn⊕’s knowledge on how to take first steps into the creative industry and beyond
  • Improve womxn⊕’s ability to sustain themselves as an artist or maker
  • Empowering womxn⊕ to help build their confidence allowing them to be successful
  • Providing spaces for womxn⊕ to work from
  • Developing our own funding out to womxn⊕

We hope to do this by do this by

  • Providing a safe environment offering free craft workshops and business support and advice through ‘A Kind Cuppa’ business support sessions
  • Creating online collaborations with womxn⊕ all over the world to provide additional income
  • Providing discounts on wholesale merchandise to womxn⊕ who are starting up to help them in the early stages of their businesses
  • Create a co-working environment where womxn⊕’s social and personal needs are at the forefront of its design
  • Begin giving out regular grants to womxn⊕ in the creative sector

As a company which is pretty much in still in it’s infancy, we have yet to make a profit, however by summer of 2020 we hope to be sustainable and begin really pushing forward with lots of community projects. For the time being we have been offering services that require our time and skills more than finances, all of which are free to womxn⊕ in Glasgow:

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