Shipping & Delivery

All of our delivery options are on a ‘weight based’ shipping scale. We’ve assigned average shipping weights to items to help you calculate your shipping in advance, and to relay this information in your own stores.

Average weight for items:

Baby Bibs – 50g // Babygrows – 80g // Baby Jumpsuit – 120g // Kids Tees – 120g

 Tote Bags – 90g // Drawstring Bags – 120g // T-Shirts – 170g // Vests – 150g

Aprons – 250g // Sweatshirts – 400g // Hoodies – 500g

We are a very small company, so our shipping costs are almost guaranteed to be more expensive than bigger organisations. This is because the more items you post as a business, the cheaper your shipping costs are. As we grow, and our sale numbers increase, then our shipping will get cheaper.

All prices are exclusive of VAT and subject to change dependent on our shipping providers.

Please don’t ask us for free or discounted shipping. We’ll almost definitely say no because this is just how much it costs for us to post your stuff. Someone, somewhere is ‘paying for’ all that ‘free shipping’ that you’re so used to now.

At the moment we only offer ‘Tracked and Signed For’ International shipping. This is because it can take a long time for items to ship internationally (often weeks past the estimated 5-10 working day because of customs) and realistically, as a small team of only 2 people, we don’t have the resources to deal with daily queries on the whereabouts of untracked international items.
Find out more about International Shipping zones

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