We run free workshops and we’d love for you to come along!

We use the term ‘workshop’ loosely, as they are more like very casual craft hang outs. Low skill, fun crafts that get people together.

It’s difficult to find places in Glasgow that you can meet and socialise in the evenings that isn’t centred around alcohol or spending money. We want to change that. We are aware of the loneliness and isolation that women of all ages face, even more so now in this digital age we live in.

These evenings are specifically for those who identify as female or belong to a marginalised gender group. This is to ensure a ‘safe space’, the policy document for which can be found here. We find that a large number of attendees have social anxiety or other barriers that might normally get in the way of them attending events like this. We are sensitive to everyones needs and recommend getting in touch with us in advance if you have nay worries about coming along to any of our events.

We have been running our workshops for 2 years now, although had a slight break for 6 months for the second half of 2018. This was because we decided to set up as a CIC in order to be able to have an income that then allowed us to run even more workshops and events, but unfortunately the effort required to set up a business is huge, and we had to sacrifice our workshops for a short while in order to be able to offer them more regularly in the future!


We do not have a dedicated space for workshops at the moment. It may change weekly so be sure to really check the location when you book in to make sure you know where you’re going. We hope to find a suitable space that we can run our print shop as well as our events and activities from soon.


Wild’n’Craft is currently held every other Wednesday. We hope that as time goes on and we increase our income we can hold these events more regularly.