Looking for honest, critical feedback on your work?

Friends and family can be great when it comes to being supportive. Even online you can be in groups of other creatives that will tell you that everything you do is great, and that’s lovely! It’s amazing to have that support, but the truth is, sometimes you need someone to give you constructive criticism so that you can move forward with your ideas.

Having a professional and appealing aesthetic, especially online, is so important because just like in real life, first impressions are everything. It also builds trust. If someone feels like you are a legitimate artist or business, they are going to feel more comfortable buying from you or investing in your services.

More often than not, it’s easy fixes, and we want to help. We have designed a mini visual audit that will score certain aspects of the 4 most important visual aspects of your online identity; your branding, your online store, your website/portfolio and your instagram. We will then offer advice on how to improve on anything that might come up. Sometimes it can be hard to see the woods for the trees. A mini audit will allow you to have an outsiders opinion on what steps might be helpful to move forward, and to be able to let go of things that aren’t working.

Doesn’t this cost a lot of money?

Normally a visual audit of your business could cost hundreds or even thousands from design companies that also intend to then act upon these changes on your behalf. We have designed a mini audit specifically for small, start-up creatives and we are offering this service for free by application only. This offer is currently open to those who identify as female or belong to a marginalised gender group, but demand is high so we favour applicants who are at the greatest social and economical disadvantage and require the most support. We currently provide up to 3 free audits a week, but as time goes on, and we can increase our profits from printing, we hope to make this service more regular.