Wild & Kind CIC Portfolio Preparation Evening Programme


This dynamic 22-week studio-based programme is designed to accommodate students’ individual needs, offering tailored support to explore creativity and build a portfolio in their own unique style. Beneficial for preparing an application for art college or university; most suitable for those pursuing further education courses in fields such as Applied Arts, Printing, Design, Illustration, Sculpture, Environmental Art, Textiles and Fashion. This programme is equally valuable for those simply seeking an opportunity to explore their creativity, expand their skillset and meet likeminded people.


Programme Structure


Each week, students will take part in a 3.5-hour evening workshop and be provided a structured plan for their own self study for the week ahead. Towards the end of the programme, we also have allocated 2x 6-hour ‘open access’ Saturdays for students to have more dedicated access to the studio and facilities to help them finalise their portfolios.


  • Week 1: Introduction to the Programme
  • Week 2: Life Drawing
  • Week 3: Finding your Niche
  • Weeks 4-5: Mark-Making and Documentation
  • Week 6: Life Drawing
  • Week 7: Risograph Printing and Collage
  • Week 8: Sculpture on a Budget
  • Week 9: Lino Cutting and Printing
  • Week 10: Life Drawing
  • Weeks 11-12: Textile Art
  • Weeks 13–20: Individually Tailored Student Plan
  • Weeks 21-24: In our final month we will focus on helping students write a personal statement, and pull together their final work into a coherent and impressive portfolio of work, ready for applying to courses should that be their intention.

By the conclusion of the programme, students can expect to have produced;


  • 1x A3 Sketchbook of Development & Documentation
  • 2x A5 Visual Diaries
  • A collection of life drawings
  • A portfolio of 10x A1 artwork boards

Spaces Available


We think it’s important to be able to give all students the time and attention they need to thrive in a creative environment. Because of this we like to keep class numbers small, so there are only 10 spaces in total available for this programme, although there is the possibility that a second set of dates will be added if demand allows. 


Fees and Scholarships

We envisage a future where using our profits we can build a safe, warm and welcoming community for those who may face multiple barriers in accessing or feeling welcome in traditional social spaces.


We truly believe that creativity should be accessible to all, regardless of experience, identity or background. Historically, creative spaces have been predominately occupied by groups and individuals benefitting from multiple forms of privilege; presenting an unfair advantage when it comes to accessing opportunities in creative fields.


For this reason we have not only kept our fees as low as possible while still being able to cover direct costs, overheads and living wages for everyone involved, but we also offer 25% of our spaces free of charge to ensure that opportunities still reach those who might otherwise be unable to afford to take part.


The programme runs for 22 weeks, at a cost of £1249 per student (inc VAT). This equates to approximately £14 per hour per participant, and covers ALL materials needed, meaning that once you’re on the programme, you do not need to purchase any more supplies unless you want to. This package includes:


    • 1x A3 Sketchbook
    • 3x A5 Sketchbooks
    • 1x A2 Portfolio Bag
    • 1x Pencil Case
    • 1x Sketching Pencil Set
    • 1x Colouring Pencils Set
    • 1x Fine Line Pens Set
    • 1x Charcoal Pencils Set
    • 1x Rubber Set
    • 1x Sharper
    • 1x Scalpel
    • 1x Tape & Glue Set
    • 1x A1 Folio Case
    • 10x A1 Mount Boards
    • 10x A1 Sleeves

If you’re interested in applying for a fully funded space, then you can go through the application process as normal, and there will be space for you to note your interest.


Once on the programme, there is no distinction between self-funded and fully funded placements. This information is kept confidential and everyone will share the same experience and receive the same materials and treatment.


Application Requirements


We feel that everyone (regardless of what they’ve been told by their high school art teacher) is creative in their own way. One of our key focuses throughout the programme is to help each individual find their unique creative spark and individual style. Because of this, students do not need to provide any evidence of previous creative skill, qualification or ‘talent’ to join our course.


Our purpose as a Community Interest Company is to ensure that every gender nonconforming person and woman has a safe space to connect, flourish and grow. Our community is an inclusive and supportive space for all nonbinary, agender and gender variant people and all women (trans, intersex and cis). While we don’t expect every applicant to identify as such, meaningful respect for and understanding of these values is a necessity. We look to prioritise applicants with this lived experience in order to create more opportunities;


  • due to the lack of existing dedicated spaces and dedicated services for people with marginalised gender identities
  • their increased risk of experiencing loneliness, isolation and social anxiety
  • and to address the gender imbalance within the creative economies

Cancellations and Refunds

Students are entitled to a full refund when cancellation requests are made up to 14 days before the programme begins. Any requests made after this date will not be eligible for reimbursement.


Wild & Kind CIC reserves the right to cancel where we reasonably believe that an attendee’s presence will raise safeguarding issues with regards to the gender inclusion and Safer Space considerations clearly defined for this programme.


If you have requested or been awarded a fully funded placement for the programme and no longer wish to attend, please contact Wild & Kind CIC as soon possible to allow another applicant to take advantage of this opportunity.


Application Guidelines

Academic proficiency such as spelling and grammar will not be assessed when considering applications. We’re looking to learn more about your creative ambition and desire to engage with the programme. All applications are assessed anonymously.

We believe that everyone is creative in their own way, so you do not need to provide any evidence of previous work or skill, as we aim to give all applicants a completely equal opportunity.