Welcome to Creative Tea’s wonderful world of all things, frogs🐸, mushrooms🍄 and rodeo🤠. 

If you’re into glitter, pastel pallets and painted leather dream jackets – you’ve come to the right place 🌈

Lucky for us this fabulous queer illustrator based in Glasgow recently joined our studio and we couldn’t be more excited to have them onboard. 

Hello! Such a dream having you in the studio, you’ve already brought such a lovely energy with you. How has it been shifting from working from your home to a shared space for so far?


Honestly it’s amazing, I feel my self being so much for motivated and creative as I’m around other creatives.


It’s also nice having the chance to talk to people, not just my cat and dog.


🐸Let’s talk Frogs…I’m sure you’re going to love this. Where did the froggy characters come from?


Honestly I have always loved frogs, the first character I brought out that was a frog was called George and I brought him out as a little halloween doodle and my love for frogs just kept going from there!


What inspires the creative process for you?


A lot of things inspire me to be creative but the things I feel inspire me the most are going to comic cons. I table at lot of them, I love getting to be around all the other artists there, seeing their work, especially when I have seen them for awhile and I get to see all the new products they have brought out since I last seen them and how their style has developed.


I also get inspired by going to coffee shops, that’s one of my favourite things to do when I’m struggling to be creative.


One other thing that really inspires me to be creative is Disney, I’m a huge Disney fan, I especially love watching documentaries about Disney, I just find it so inspiring hearing all about the different people that make up 1 film.

Portrait shot of artist Gillian



What’s your favourite piece you’ve created so far?


My favourite piece would have to be my cowboy frog, I’m actually thinking of getting him tattooed.


How did you take the leap (insert frog joke) to going freelance?


I took the leap (pun intended) because I left a not so good job for another job that was worse and I was just so unhappy, so me and my partner spoke and agreed that we would make me going freelance work.


For me it was a now or never thing and I certainly don’t want to go back, since I left my job to go freelance, I’ve had so many great opportunities and met so many great people.


If you’ve got one song on repeat at the moment that is inspiring you….what is it?



Honestly I’ve been listening to Disneyland Paris halloween Park music on repeat to get me into that spooky mood…..