Funding & Support


First Port

A Scottish agency that helps start-up social entrepreneurs and social enterprises with social impact at their core to start, develop, and grow their ideas into businesses. We have been lucky enough to receive a number of different funds over the years from First Port and we are so thankful for the constant support over the years.

Funds we have received:

Build it 

Start it 

Boost it

3rd Sector Recovery

Adapt & Thrive

The National Lottery Community Fund

The Community & Third Sector Recovery Programme funded by the National Lottery.

The Communities Recovery Fund supports a mix of  community groups, charities, social enterprises, and voluntary organisations who help people and communities in responding to the challenges presented by COVID-19.

Fund we have received:

3rd Sector Community Recovery Fund

The Corra Foundation

The Corra Foundation works with others to encourage positive change, opportunity, fairness, and growth of aspirations that improve quality of life. 

Corra strives to contribute to a society in which people and businesseses create positive changes.

The fund we received:  

3rd Sector Residence Fund 


Just Enterprise

Just Enterprise is delivered across Scotland by a selection of third sector organisations who provide fully-funded business support to the enterprising third sector.

The partners are CEIS, Impact Hub Inverness, Social Enterprise Academy, Firstport, Forth Sector Development, Community Enterprise Ltd, CEMVO, Lanarkshire Enterprise Services Ltd, Inspiralba, and Social Value Lab.

The support we received:  

CEIS Funding Support


AAI Employability 

AAI support businesses to grow and work with talented, diverse job seekers to find a professional purpose. 

AAI help companies to access diverse job seekers from all backgrounds into short-term as well as permanent roles and help break bad employment cycles.

The support we received: 

Adopt an Intern