New Website Launch

First off we would like to thank all our incredible customers for weeks/months/years of patience with us to get a fully functioning website. We know that it’s been temperamental, slow and a all-around pain in the butt. 

BUT NO LONGER – this will soon be a horrible distant memory which we can put in the bin of our brains. Our new site has a leveled-up order form which means it’s much easier to navigate and you have more control from the word go. Lots of changes are incoming so buckle in – it’s exciting. 

New Garments + Stock Levels

First up we have a huge selection of new garments to offer for Print and Embroidery – Hello bumbags and lots lots more.


We’ve also introduced a new baby clothing line to the mix from Mantis. Their Baby Bugz range is fab and we are really excited for you to have so many more lovely new options for your little wans.


We’ve taken away stock levels from our order form. It’s too complicated and costly for our small budget and how flexible we need the site to be. In all honesty a lot of the time these are not noticed when orders come in or our suppliers lists haven’t been updated, sometimes we find out after ordering stock is out.


If stock is falling low, we will take it away as an option until levels are reliable again or if anything is ordered that isn’t in we will contact you to let you know they’re unavailable right away. 

Model wearing Stanley/Stella Bum Bag
Printed t-shirt with Betty Ratbag Design


White ink and under-base printing is back baybeee.

It’s been a JOURNEY but we have finally got there thanks to funding, a new pre-treat machine, many trials and errors, late nights, and pure determination.  

The image here shows an under-base printed piece from our lovely dropshipping customer Betty Ratbag.


We have introduced a £4 set up fee for new print designs. By doing this it means we will auto save your product for return orders and provide you with a high-quality mock-up for you to approve before we will fulfill the order. We will provide you with the file so you can use it to promote your products on your own site and on social media.


Any orders previously made of the design won’t be subject to this – no worries there. For all existing on-demand customers you will be set up by yours truly with pre-made files on your accounts.


We are now offering a full label service. This means you can choose to have tags removed and cotton labels inserted or printed into the garment with your order. We think this is going to change the game and really streamline the process for those wee finishing touches and personalizations. 


We are launching Friday 5pm and can’t wait for you to see it! Like everything else about us this has been a DIY job so any feedback is really appreciated. If you give it a whirl and find anything glitchy or off, please let us know by popping us a wee email or fire us a DM. 

Love Wild & Kind xxx

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