We feel that dropshipping is the best way for small start ups to get started. Whether you’re a brand or a blogger, dropshipping takes the financial risk out of selling merchandise. Dropshipping isn’t new, it’s a pretty common process that has existed for many years, but when we started printing in the summer of 2018 we realised there were very very few ethical drop shippers.

As an organisation dedicated to ethical fashion, we only supply garments from Continental Clothing’s 100% organic earth positive range or Salvage range, or Organic/recycled items from Stanley/Stella. Nothing more. We spend lots of time looking into our supplier of blanks to make sure that they live up to our ethical standards. We believe that there’s no reason that when you drop ship clothes, it shouldn’t be ethical.

Make sure to register for an account with us first so that you can easily save your designs and then quick access to them in the future. You can access the ‘my account’ section in the main menu.

100% of our profits go towards our social aims and community projects, so when you choose to dropship with us you’re not only choosing an ethical garment production and printing process, you’re contributing towards social change. The following video shows you how to set up an order from start to finish.

You can use our designer tool to start printing your designs! A word of warning though, our printer produces VERY high quality prints. That means if you upload a poor quality, pixelated design, that’s exactly how it will print. Opening a little time preparing your files for printing will ensure a lovely, detailed print. It might help to read more about our garment printing service first, and we’ve put together a print preparation guide to help you get the most from your designs.