We currently offer a direct to garment printing services for garments and tote bags. We favour this method because it is one of the most environmentally friendly ways to print. Only the ink needed for the print is used, meaning no mess and no water waste.

Direct to garment printing also allows for high detail, multicoloured prints up to 1200dpi, at no additional cost above one colour designs. On top of that, our plastic-free, water based OTEX inks are absorbed into the fabric, leaving no sticky or tactile feeling that comes with some other printing methods.

The only thing that we don’t like to use our printer for is white ink. We’ve tried it in the past, and we feel that direct to garment printing has it’s place at the top of the list for high detail, multicolour and photographic designs, however the the introduction of a sticky, white base layer to print onto black or dark garments isn’t our cup of tea. So for now, we stick to what we know best, and we do it well.

how long do the prints last?

Ok, so nothing lasts forever. One of the problems we’re seeing with the environment right now is lots of single use plastics that aren’t going away anytime soon. Cotton doesn’t last forever either. A water based ink will age with the garment, fade a little overtime, but in a nice retro t-shirt kinda way. To get the most life out of your garments, wash them properly. Inside out, on a low heat. Don’t use whitening washing powders. This is a t-shirt that Director Trudi printed 3 years ago. It’s  been used and abused and washed approximately 100 times.


Another reason we love direct to garment printing is that we can print one off garments without expensive or time consuming setup process. We just click and print. That means if you are starting out as a business, or just need a few samples for a photo shoot, we can help you out! We also offer a dropshipping service to take the stress out of running a small brand.


While some printers may have ethical options, we only use ethical garments that are either organic or recycled. We fully believe in people over profit, and so from crop to counter we want to make sure that no-one has been exploited in any way.

This can be difficult to navigate because there is so much corruption within the garment and fashion industry, so we are always looking into our suppliers. At the moment we only use Continental Clothing and Stanley/Stella garments.


Our inks are eco-friendly, plastic free, water based and non-toxic. They do not contain any animal derivatives and have not been tested on animals. They are STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® verified and are approved for application in the processing of GOTS certified textile products, which all of our garments are.


As far as print studios go, we produce very little waste. By choosing to print digitally we produce zero water waste, and in the last 2 years we’ve produced approximately 250ml of ink wastage.

We re-use any plastic packaging that comes into the studio, and we use second hand boxes for our larger orders.

Naturally, misprints happen in the studio. No misprinted garments end up in landfill as we find ways to make sure the fabric gets used. One of our favourite ways to repurpose this waste fabric is to shred it into macrame yarn and donate to local art projects or use in our own free craft workshops.


You can use our designer tool to start printing your designs! A word of warning though, our printer produces VERY high quality prints. That means if you upload a poor quality, pixelated design, that’s exactly how it will print. Opening a little time preparing your files for printing will ensure a lovely, detailed print. It might help to read more about our garment printing service first, and we’ve put together a print preparation guide to help you get the most from your designs. If you don’t feel confident with this or don’t have the time, we provide a print preparation service starting at £10 and going upwards to £20 an hour.

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