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We work with artists all over the world to create amazing products. Our goal is to have a system where artists are paid fairly for their time and skills, while also raising money to tackle lonlieness and isolation.

We prioritise working with women and people from marginalised gender groups who may experience multiple social and economic disadvantages.

We’re still a relatively new organisation ourselves, and at the moment we aim to take on one new artist every 2 weeks. As we grow we hope to increase the number of artists that we can work with, in the hope to build an online community of promotion, support and empowerment.


Shawna Chan @bloodygirlgang


Wild & Kind comes up with an idea for a design. It may be an idea that we’ve been sitting on for a while, or it may be a new idea inspired by your style or portfolio.


We send you a brief and a contract, commissioning you to create a design for us.


You create a design based on the brief provided by us, and once complete you submit a digital copy to Wild & Kind. You are paid £50 upon completion of the final work.


We print, photograph and list the products on the Wild & Kind store, with credit to you and links to your artists profile.


Every time someone purchases a product that you helped design, 10% is deducted and paid directly to you via PayPal at the end of each month.

Where do the profits go?


As well as being paid upfront for their time, each artist receives 10% of the sale of every product sold.


While this may vary from product to product, approximately 20% of a full priced item will cover the initial purchase price of the garment.


Again, this may vary from product to product, however roughly 20% of the full price sale value will cover printing costs.


As a community interest company, after the running costs of our enterprise, 100% of the profits we raise go towards creating social change. We are committed to tackling loneliness and isolation for women and people from marginalised gender groups.

Want to collaborate on a design with us?

We are now taking applications for new artists. Please be aware that we recieve a high number of applications, and are currently only releasing a small number of products each month. We prioritise applicants who are women or identify as being outwith the binary gender system, and who also experience multiple social and economic disadvantages. This is because our main goal is to provide opportunities to those who may need them the most.

All we ask for in the application is to learn a little bit about who you are and links to your work. Due to the high volume of applicants we cannot accept submissions or portfolios via email at this time, but please don’t worry if you don’t have a fancy portfolio site. Even if you just have a few images on your social media that’s fine. We just want to see a snapshot of your talent and style.

We look at applications on the last Friday of each month, and aim to get in touch with all applicants within a week after that. If you require any support in filling in the form below, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to assist.

We will only use this to contact you regarding this application.
Where are you from?
As well as looking at your work, we would like to know a little about you, your life and your experiences as an artist. We actively look to support women and people who identify as being outwith the binary gender system who experience additional social and economic disadvantages. (300 words max)
Is there anything else you'd like us to know that you think may help your application?