Why We Resumed Stocking Stanley Stella

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At Wild and Kind, we’re committed to only stocking and collaborating with businesses that are as ethical as possible. This covers human rights, environmental impact and manufacturing processes. We’ve written more about what makes us ethical here.

As members of the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) and as such, when issues arrive with stockists and partners, the FWF requires that we address these problems head-on.

This year, The Guardian described a case with a partner of ours, Stanley Stella, in which 100 workers were fired after going on strike over low wages. Stanley Stella had previously been very active in improving the working conditions for people who make our clothes. Just like any other FWF member, they continue to source from Bangladesh because they believe they can make positive improvements to the lives of workers there.

At the core of FWF membership is the idea that brands should tackle human rights violations with the factory. This is because walking away from factories when problems arise does nothing to improve the working conditions for staff. Terminating the relationship can be harmful to workers because it leaves room for problems to continue without being addressed.

Before resuming our relationship with Stanley Stella, we confirmed that the FWF and Stanley Stella were investigating the complaints and ensuring that improvements and security measures were being put in place.

Stanley Stella have confirmed to us that they’re keeping a close watch on the situation in the factory. In the past year, they’ve been working closely with FWF to implement an anti-harassment committee there – giving workers an opportunity to voice their complaints and resolve issues internally.

With this in mind, we’re comfortable that Stanley Stella are still the most ethical providers we can use as well as Continental Clothing and we will continue to monitor their progress and practices.


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