As a community interest company, we look to help those who are likely to be at a disadvantage for social and economical reasons. Below are a list of the following discounts we currently offer. If you feel like you are not a part of one of these groups, but would benefit from a discount, please explain your situation in the ‘supporting statement’ box below.
Please note: Discount are applicable to custom printing orders only and will not be applied to wild & kind products, custom patches or drop shipping orders.
– Gender inequality –
Women, non binary people and members of the trans community. We also open this discount to all members of the LGBTQI+ community.
– Marginalised groups –
If you identity as being a part of a marginalised group (for example, people with disabilities, people with mental health conditions, people of colour, people from low-income situations, single parents)
– Start up businesses & Art School Graduates –
Businesses that are in their first year of trading and Art School Graduates.
– Social enterprises, Non-Profits, Community Interest Companies & Charities –